14-05-2018: Long Fall to 4 staff Members

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14-05-2018: Long Fall to 4 staff Members

Post by MetalGuy213 on Sat Jun 16, 2018 11:42 pm

Since the inactivity of this server and lack of population.... even trough fights here's what is explained via Brick Planet:
-Since we got losing some staff members due of a incident that happened (excluding TheGalaxyCat)... okay i tell that our 2 insta protectors of my personal account went on discussions and conflicts against themselfes... also i decided to kick them off from my place... since i fight against my classmate (Conita/Cony) and yeah this is our fault on themselfes by being mean and she (just like i got being mean sometimes against Randie on the past).
-We lost Challengings (due of the incident), TheGalaxyCat (Inactivity of this community), Conita and N1col3 (both kicked from discuting and against the owner)
-MetalGuy, MetalGuy213 Fan Group, Brick Planet 2018

As You can see, now the Instagram account of myself is now only lead by me than 1 boy (me) and 2 girls.... also we lost TheGalaxyCat as he's terminated and Challenings as he's tired of what happened.

-Regards, MetalGuy
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