Probably to resume the Season 5.

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Probably to resume the Season 5.

Post by MetalGuy213 on Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:27 am

Since the downhill of MetalGuy's Fan Club due of a Drama Dispute bewteen meleemario and BlueVenom with me about things related to the rules, spam, depression and relationship problems.... the entire touring on the gaming/music has been cancelled except of the Dwango5 Map01 Tournament in United States.

Probably i would cancel the rest of The Green Homosapiens thing for more Gaming included of kind of rapping around since i did some raps in ZDaemon Sessions and my 16th Birthday Celebration on Thursday Night Survival/The Garden School.

Even... Plans to continue with the Pending SNSF Vid and it would be a "posthumorus" Video since my leave for good as being Part of the Staff and part of the representation of Zandronum as past reason.
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