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Post by MetalGuy213 on Sun Jun 17, 2018 12:10 am

Too Necesary to explain this experience? Huh!

  • In 2006 i have started to play video games and i loved to do it, mainly games are from the Console Sega Genesis.
    at those times i also have a NES console to play classic games at those times like Super Mario Bros, etc.
  • in somewhere around 2008 i started too having experiences with M.U.G.E.N as watching those videos on YouTube!
  • in 2009 i got a Laptop where i started all from what is my experience on my life, also those times my Aunt passed away after trying to battle cancer.
  • In February 27 of 2010.... I Survived to Chile's Earthquake that took a lot of lifes and this marked a before and after from a era.... as i was too shy to face Earthquakes i decided to being fine and having to keep in mind that i need to take care of the magnitude of a natural disaster.
  • Somewhere around June or July i survived too on a shooting on a Bus on the infamous "Transantiago" that almost took a life by 2 criminals.
  • in 2011 I started my life on ROBLOX under "Matias2889" as early times i played as a Guest.
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