Changelog 11-11-2018 (Appointed to 1:48 AM)

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Changelog 11-11-2018 (Appointed to 1:48 AM) Empty Changelog 11-11-2018 (Appointed to 1:48 AM)

Post by MetalGuy213 on Sun Nov 11, 2018 5:55 am

Here's a recently change of stuff made in the recent Changes did on the community Twisted Evil

  • Forum's Partial Logo is back
  • Background on the forums!
  • More Sub-forums
  • Modified "MetalGuy Related" to "MetalGuy and His Community Related" Category
  • Group Promotion (Brick Planet) is no longer needed as there's alternative promotions (ADs) for that
  • Fixed some things on the Godfather and Administrator Roles on Forums
  • Added a New Rank wich any staff member who did a perfect work on the community should be classified as a "Retired Staff"
  • Modified Roles on Discord
  • Adaptation to some managament

All the changes that i did as well... here's more to think as what i prove on...
as of this changelog, logs are posted on forum rather discord unless a mainteance is needed
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