Changelog 19-04-2019 (Medium Changes) (Appointed to 10:19 PM)

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Changelog 19-04-2019 (Medium Changes) (Appointed to 10:19 PM) Empty Changelog 19-04-2019 (Medium Changes) (Appointed to 10:19 PM)

Post by MetalGuy213 on Sat Apr 20, 2019 5:29 am

New Changelog:
-Staff Slots are increased (excluding instagram)
-Age restriction is disabled at the moment due of young staff members (Living Meme and MetalMan213)
-Facebook Page
-Staff Timeline and Staff Members are removed since there's already a Fandom/Wikia Page of this
-Whatsapp Group Removed due of security
-New Expansions...
-Custom Titles can be placed by admins as the people wish
-Mentioned Age Restriction is now disabled until Living Meme and MetalMan213 reaches to 13 years old or when they leave
-I Move on as an semi-active person due of my own inactivity since i am not much active with stuff cause of being at 12th grade...
-Introduction to new intern slots for every staff role
-Moving Active members from Semi-Active (1/2 Months) or Inactive (3 Months) when they're inactiving a bit but can be confirmed too as well
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