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Huge change to myself...

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Huge change to myself... Empty Huge change to myself...

Post by MetalGuy213 on Fri Feb 28, 2020 2:05 am

Well this is a huge change that i'll do it for myself and this is an thing that i have to get clear for... i've started thinking to Change my Username to Cryomancer for more years or permamently.
Putting what i said on Discord:
MetalGuy wrote:Important Announcement!
I'll be partialy changing my username to Cryomancer due of major demand of the people, GOH and FS members so it will be now the role that i am porting... MetalGuy/Cryomancer for just more months till summer of this year (USA) (Winter for me) that i'll be permamently called Cryomancer for more years until i change my mind to come back as MetalGuy(213) or the most oldest username Matias2889
-Since it's been 6 years using MetalGuy as my current username, i need to wash a new Image of the community cause of the bad things happened and the raids that i've suffered for, also feuding with people that i didn't wanted for.
-I was always ambiented on Metal and Rock lifestyle however during the years i am adapting to other generes as one of my habits specially of hugging people and such.
-People specially FragSyndicate and Guardians Of Hell clans' members looks that "Cryomancer" can fit so good instead of "MetalGuy" and i accepted to change and to hiberanate my habits.
so there will be a HUGE changelog to discord and there, most things will be fixed, changed and deleted.
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